Kasia Machalek is an illustrator who moves freely between different art forms including painting, filmmaking, and design. 
She was born in Bilgoraj, in the south of Poland, and got her degrees in Fine Arts and in Graphic Design in Cracow. 
After the university, she moved to New York and later settled down in London, where she has been living for the past 6 years.
Her specialty is traditional color pencils and its digital equivalent on iPad Pro.
The spirituality of animals and the connection between human beings and nature are close to her values.
She often portraits people as animals, whether they are the inhabitants of a big city or the countryside, and creates illustrative diaries from her many travels around the world. 
The characters in her illustrations always have a diverse personality and express emotions.
Her illustrations are warm, quirky and nostalgic. 



Togetherness / Tokyo, Japan, Okuno Building, Art Ginza One Gallery, Solo Exhibition, February 2019

See & Say / Warsaw, Poland, Group Exhibition, February 2018

Christmas Pop-Up / London, United Kingdom, Solo Exhibition, December 2017

In the Borderline / Jablonka, Poland, Group Exhibition, July 2012

Milosz / Cracow, Poland, Group Exhibition, May 2011